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Jingcheng International Business Hotel
Jingcheng International Business Hotel 48 USD

Lhasa Jardin Secret Hotel
Lhasa Jardin Secret Hotel 73 USD

Brahmaputra Grand Hotel Lhasa
Brahmaputra Grand Hotel Lhasa 60 USD


Lhasa is the capital of Tibet. Hotels and lodgings here are extremely convenient, from the lowest scale boarding hostels to four--star hotels, which can meet the different needs of the travelers. Top ones mostly locate at the Beijing West Road and the Nation Road. But when the boom season arrives...

Travel guide of Lhasa

Potala Palace: Located in the Maburi mountain of northwest corner in Lhasa of Tibet (red mountain), it is a castor type building huge in scale, combining palace, temple space and efficacious tower together. Potala Palace establish in loyal middle period of Tang Dynasty Zhenguan year...

Lhasa Overview

Lhasa, the capital of Tibet Autonomous Region, is the center of all regions' politics, economy, culture and the pivot of transportation. It was called Luoxie in ancient and built by the great hero of Tibetan-Songtsen Gampo. Lhasa is also a spiritual center of Tibetan Buddhism...

Lhasa Cuisine

In Lhasa, your first tastes are naturally Tibetan meal. The cow mutton, Zanba, buttered tea are necessary on the dinner table, in addition with yogurt, Tibetan steamed stuffed bun, Tibetan barley liquor, fresh milk, sweet tea, green tea and so on. The snow god palace restaurant...

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Welcome to Lhasa!
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Hotel Name Star Price
♦ Jingcheng International Business Hotel48 USDBook
♦ Lhasa Jardin Secret Hotel73 USDBook
♦ Brahmaputra Grand Hotel Lhasa60 USDBook
♦ Laway International Hotel, Tibet45 USDBook
♦ Tibet Minzu Hotel , Lhasa75 USDBook
♦ Thangka Hotel Lhasa69 USDBook
♦ Lhasa Hotel84 USDBook
♦ Tibet Lhasa Jingu Hotel60 USDBook
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